Ironman Western Australia – race report

December 16, 2016Blog, Race reports

One last block of training and focus was left in 2016, before officially calling it off season. After 8th place at Ironman World Championships, the pressure of chasing points for 2017 years qualification was a bit relieved. I decided to go sign up for IM Western Australia, based in the wonderful little town of Busselton. Like … Read More

Three races in three weeks

June 28, 2016Race reports

After IM South Africa I have had a long period without races, which has given me time to focus on the training. This is with one exception of Bilbao Triathlon, a half ironman distance that takes place where two of my main sponsors – Orca and Orbea – have their headquarters. I was going there for some work with them, … Read More

70.3 Middle East Championship Bahrain – race report

December 10, 2015Race reports

Short Version: The swimming got canceled due to strong currents, so we started the race in T1. I felt solid during bike, and it was really fun racing. I came to T2 as No.2. The run was medioker, faded on the second half, and I finished in 3rd place. Long version: Pre-race: Preparations for the race were done at … Read More

Ironman World Championship – race report

October 20, 2015Race reports

Ironman Kona 2015 Splits:  1:05:18 – 5:04:37 – 3:16.05 : 9:30:43  Short version: After learning several lessons from last year’s race, I had a better strategy for this year’s. The goal was top 15, and I placed 11th, a result that I am happy with, but I know also that there is still a lot of … Read More

Ironman Latin America Championships, Brasil – race report

June 15, 2015Race reports

Race: Ironman Latin America Championships, Brasil Time: 2015-05-31, start kl.06:50 Place: Florianopolis, Brasil Distance: 3,86 km – 180 km – 42,2 km My result, time: 1:01:12 min – 4:48:36 h – 329:08 (9:23:35) My result, place: 4th place Complete results: HERE   Short version: Choppy and frustrating swim. Swallowed lots of nasty ocean water. Felt strong during the bike and had the best female … Read More

Ironman Asia Pacific Championship Melbourne – race report

March 27, 2015Race reports

Race: Ironman Asia Pacific Championships Melbourne Time: 2015-03-2, start kl.07:23 Place: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Distance: 3,86 km – 180 km – 42,2 km My result, time: 1:00:20 min – 4:48:10 h – 3:10:37 (9:02:49) My result, place: 4th place Complete results: HERE   Short version: Execpt for a navigation mistake from my group during the swim, I had generally a solid day where I felt … Read More

Ironman Western Australia – race report

December 18, 2014Race reports

Race: Ironman Western Australia Time: 2014-12-07, start kl.05:33 am Location: Busselton, Western Australia, Australia. Distance: 3,86 km – 180 km – 42,2 km My result, time: 57:54 min –4:55:28 h – 3:14:33 (9:11:13) My result, place: 7th place Complete results: Click here! Short story: Fourth and last IM for the season was, in retrospect, maybe one too many for me. … Read More

Ironman World Championships – race report

October 25, 2014Race reports

Race: Ironman World ChampionshipsTime: 2014-10-11, start kl.06:30Place: Kailua-Kona, Big Island, Hawaii, USADistance: 3,86 km – 180 km – 42,2 kmMy result, time: 1:06:43 min –5:11:42 h – 3:13:33 (9:36:22)My result, place: 17th placeComplete results: Find it Here! Short story: The race of all races for long distance athletes: Ironman World Championships. I was on site 2.5 weeks before the race, and the weather … Read More

Ironman Cairns – race report

June 16, 2014Race reports

Race: Ironman CairnsTime: 2014-06-06, start kl.07:46Place: Cairns, Queensland, AustralienDistance: 3,86 km – 180 km – 42,2 kmMy result, time: 1:04:41 min –5:08:06 h – 3:09:03 (9:25:56)Miy result, place: 3:e placeComplete results: Find it HERE!       Short story: It was a very rainy day. The swim was quite hard and choppy and for me it was a solo swim from the … Read More