My race in Ironman Carins

June 17, 2018News

Here’s a small recap and report from my race in Ironman Carins 10.06.2018 Build up Somewhat different than usual. All winter/spring I have studied full time to finaliaze my medical studies, with both work at hospital, lectures and studies, so my training the past 5 months has been limited to around 12-17 h per week. … Read More

An intense winter; a different build up for Ironman Cairns

June 8, 2018News

For about a year, I have been planning to do my final semester in medical school winter/spring 2018. I have known it would demand some extraordinary time, structure and focus to get it done, and I wouldn’t be able to race during this period. I was mentally prepared. Having a great coach (Cliff English), a … Read More