Power Woman blir primär klädsponsor till Åsa Lundström

March 3, 2019Blog, News

  PowerWoman meddelar stolt att de går in som ny sponsor till långdistanstriathleten och den flerfaldiga Ironmanvinnaren Åsa Lundström. Åsa kommer tillsammans med PowerWoman arbeta för att lyfta hälsa och vikten av träning genom event, intervjuer och en inblick i hur en professionell idrottare som Åsa tränar och tänker. Samtidigt kommer hon tävla for Team … Read More

Pressmeddelande: Åsa inleder samarbete med Atteviks/Skoda

February 25, 2019Blog, News

Pressmeddelande Atteviks/Skoda tecknar avtal med triathleten och läkaren Åsa Lundström. I mitten av februari har Atteviks skrivit ett samarbetsavtal med den professionella triathleten och läkaren Åsa Lundström, där de tillsammans ska jobba mot att stärka varandras varumärken och lyfta intresset omkring folkhälsa och en aktiv livsstil. I och med avtalet kommer Åsa att köra bil … Read More

Ironman Western Australia – race report

December 16, 2016Blog, Race reports

One last block of training and focus was left in 2016, before officially calling it off season. After 8th place at Ironman World Championships, the pressure of chasing points for 2017 years qualification was a bit relieved. I decided to go sign up for IM Western Australia, based in the wonderful little town of Busselton. Like … Read More

The value of the everyday life

May 23, 2016Blog

I’ve been wanting to write a post for a long time, but not really felt that there was something to write about. Okay, maybe it was motivated to write about the Ironman in South Africa, where I finished 4th in the Ironman African Championships, and made my most solid and controlled Ironman ever. Buuuut, after the race, I … Read More


September 21, 2015Blog

For those who only follow my journey here, and not in my other social media, such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, here is a short version of what happened since my last update, and what will happen next (a clue is in the title). ITU World Championships in Motala was replaced by 70.3 IM Haugesund, to … Read More

New coach, new race plan, new land of residence

June 21, 2015Blog

I wrote on my Instagram account @AsaLundstromTri that the theme of my life right now is “new”, and I thought I should develop that a bit. New 1: New coach. Since a few months back Jens Lünekilde and I agreed that our cooperation would stop from June 1, ie after Ironman Brasil. After 4.5 years of working … Read More

New open water swim community is now online!

June 18, 2015Blog

It is with great honor I can announce that one of my most faithful sponsors Orca is presenting an online community where open water swimmer are able to share their tips and experiences of open water swimming, which enables you to go swimming open water anywhere in the world! I’m very proud to be a part of this, and got … Read More

Playitas Resort – from base to top

March 2, 2015Blog

In  January, I was 3 weeks at Playitas Resort, Fuerteventura, to do a big block of base training, before the season’s first race, Ironman Melbourne, on 22 March. The big focus was volume, kilometers and hours, and the intervals I did were neither long nor intense. I was accompanied by Orca Team for one week of shooting, training … Read More

Post an Ironman

April 23, 2014Blog

The body has slowly begun to recover from the Australian adventures , which ended with a fifth place. The recovery has taken a little longer than I would normally expect of an Ironman . The muscle soreness disappeared after a few days, though a bit later due to the +20 hr trip going home, and … Read More