Ironman Asia Pacific Championship Melbourne – race report

March 27, 2015Race reports

Race: Ironman Asia Pacific Championships Melbourne Time: 2015-03-2, start kl.07:23 Place: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Distance: 3,86 km – 180 km – 42,2 km My result, time: 1:00:20 min – 4:48:10 h – 3:10:37 (9:02:49) My result, place: 4th place Complete results: HERE   Short version: Execpt for a navigation mistake from my group during the swim, I had generally a solid day where I felt … Read More

Playitas Resort – from base to top

March 2, 2015Blog

In  January, I was 3 weeks at Playitas Resort, Fuerteventura, to do a big block of base training, before the season’s first race, Ironman Melbourne, on 22 March. The big focus was volume, kilometers and hours, and the intervals I did were neither long nor intense. I was accompanied by Orca Team for one week of shooting, training … Read More

Ironman Western Australia – race report

December 18, 2014Race reports

Race: Ironman Western Australia Time: 2014-12-07, start kl.05:33 am Location: Busselton, Western Australia, Australia. Distance: 3,86 km – 180 km – 42,2 km My result, time: 57:54 min –4:55:28 h – 3:14:33 (9:11:13) My result, place: 7th place Complete results: Click here! Short story: Fourth and last IM for the season was, in retrospect, maybe one too many for me. … Read More

Ironman World Championships – race report

October 25, 2014Race reports

Race: Ironman World ChampionshipsTime: 2014-10-11, start kl.06:30Place: Kailua-Kona, Big Island, Hawaii, USADistance: 3,86 km – 180 km – 42,2 kmMy result, time: 1:06:43 min –5:11:42 h – 3:13:33 (9:36:22)My result, place: 17th placeComplete results: Find it Here! Short story: The race of all races for long distance athletes: Ironman World Championships. I was on site 2.5 weeks before the race, and the weather … Read More

Ironman Cairns – race report

June 16, 2014Race reports

Race: Ironman CairnsTime: 2014-06-06, start kl.07:46Place: Cairns, Queensland, AustralienDistance: 3,86 km – 180 km – 42,2 kmMy result, time: 1:04:41 min –5:08:06 h – 3:09:03 (9:25:56)Miy result, place: 3:e placeComplete results: Find it HERE!       Short story: It was a very rainy day. The swim was quite hard and choppy and for me it was a solo swim from the … Read More

Challenge Fuerteventura – race report

April 28, 2014Race reports

Race: Challenge Fuerteventura Time: 2014-04-26, 08:00 am Place: Playitas Resort, Fuerteventura, Spain Distance: 1.9 km – 90 km – 21.1 km My resultat, time: 30:25 min – 2:44:09 h – 1:29:13 (4:43:48) My result, place: 7th   Pre -race : As I raced an Ironman just over a month ago, in Australia, and I am planning to race … Read More

Post an Ironman

April 23, 2014Blog

The body has slowly begun to recover from the Australian adventures , which ended with a fifth place. The recovery has taken a little longer than I would normally expect of an Ironman . The muscle soreness disappeared after a few days, though a bit later due to the +20 hr trip going home, and … Read More

Ironman Melbourne – race report

April 6, 2014Race reports

Race: Ironman Melbourne   Time: 2014-03-23, start kl.07:23 am Place: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Distance: 3.8 km – 180.1 km – 42.2 km My result, time: 59:46 min – 5:02:02 h – 3:10:28 (9:16:09) My result, place: 5:e plats Complete results: Find it here!   Short story: Despite my initial “time pentaly ” of 4 min on the bike , as well … Read More

Block 2 at Playitas, race in two weeks

March 6, 2014Blog

After three weeks of quality training at Playitas Resort in Fuerteventura, I went to Lech, Austria, to work as a cohost at a private ski event. Besides myself, there were other “champions” working as hosts, and I was honored to ski next to legends like Franz Klammer, Franz Weber and Katharina Gutensohn. It was a … Read More

Training block 1 with new sponsor

January 20, 2014Blog

After a well-deserved offseason including alternative training XC- and alpine skiing, medical studies and visiting friends and family, the first trainingblock of season 2014 has begun. I have secured quality training in great environment, with loads of inspiration around me. For 2014 I will be staying at Playitas Resort, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. Apollo Sweden and … Read More